Which Restaurant Has The Best Chili?

Is Chili healthy to eat?

You may think of chili as greasy and unhealthy but that just isn’t true.

Most of today’s chili recipes are packed with nutrients that are good for you and chili can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle..

Who has the best fast food chili?

We tried chili from Potbelly and Wendy’s — and the winner was surprisingI tried chili from two fast food places: Wendy’s and Potbelly.Potbelly’s chili was a little thicker, and had more meat. It also came with oyster crackers. … Wendy’s chili has a cult following. … I preferred the thicker chili from Potbelly.

According to Wienerschnitzel, the top 10 chili cities are:Phoenix.Houston.San Francisco/Oakland.Chicago.Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Springfield, Missouri.Cincinnati.San Antonio.More items…•

What is the best secret ingredient for chili?

10 Secret Chili IngredientsHoney and Dry Sherry. Try a tablespoon or two of honey in your chili for a natural sweetness. … Cornmeal. Mix in a few tablespoons of cornmeal to thicken chili and add a polenta touch.Carbonated Soda and Chocolate. Pour in a bit of bubbly for a fun addition to chili and a clean crisp taste. … Lime Juice. … Sugar. … Zucchini.

What state is famous for chili?

Texas“Despite being the official dish of Texas, chili has grown to become America’s dish,” said Doug Koegeboehn, chief marketing officer for Wienerschnitzel.

Why should you not eat Wendy’s chili?

The beans in Wendy’s chili are a potential danger as well They said the chili needed to be cooked for about four hours in order for the beans to soften, but it’s worth mentioning that raw or undercooked kidney beans can be highly toxic (via Iowa State University).