Where Is The Original Raising Cane’S?

How was Raising Cane’s started?

It began as a college dream.

A vision of a restaurant that served the highest quality, freshest chicken finger meals – and nothing else.

Upon returning to Baton Rouge, Graves reconstructed an old building with his own hands into the first Raising Cane’s restaurant..

What states have Raising Cane’s?

Cane’s Sauce is provided with all chicken finger meals and is the signature sauce of the restaurant. Then, is Raising Cane’s in every state? The chain has over 470 domestic restaurants in 28 states. Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers….What states have Raising Cane’s?StateLocationsTexas160Louisiana65Ohio36California27Jun 29, 2020

Who owns Raising Canes?

Todd Graves-Todd Graves, Owner of Raising Cane’s. My Successes: Todd Graves celebrated the 100th location of his Raising Cane’s restaurant chain. When he started his business in 1996, he contacted SCORE for financial and marketing advice.

Which came first Zaxby’s or canes?

Both chains are children of the ’90s — millennial chains, if you will, with Zaxby’s opening in 1990 and Raising Cane’s opening in 1996.