Quick Answer: What Is Starting Pay At Popeyes?

What job gets paid the most?

Here are the top 25 best-paying jobs of 2020, according to U.S.

News & World Report.Lawyer.Sales manager.

Business operations manager.


Financial advisor.


Mean salary: $119,980 per year.


Mean salary: $116,250 per year.

Political scientist.

Mean salary: $115,300 per year.

More items…•.

Do Popeyes hire felons?

Popeyes Corporate stores will not.

How much does KFC pay hourly?

The typical KFC Casual Team Member makes $18 Per Hour. Casual Team Member hourly pay at KFC can range from $9 – $26.

Do Popeyes pay every week?

They pay by weekly.

What fast food pays the best?

The 10 best-paying jobs in fast foodChick-fil-A Team Member: $8.16 an hour. … Jamba Juice Team Member: $8.29 an hour. … Noodles & Company Noodle Ambassador: $8.31 an hour. … Panera Bread Cashier: $8.40 an hour. … Chipotle Crew Member: $8.78 an hour. … Panda Express Counter Help: $9.01 an hour. … In-N-Out Burger Associate: $11.17 an hour.More items…•

Does Chick Fil A have paid training?

Yes, you do get paid for the orientation and video training. You will most likely rotate the video training and hands on training for about a week. You should expect getting trained within the first two-three weeks then you will be on your own but supervised by trainers. You also get paid for orientations and training.

What is the highest paying job at mcdonalds?

Who Earns $192,602 At McDonald’s?Job TitleAnnual SalarySenior Director$192,602Marketing Manager$93,639Operations Manager$93,336Jul 15, 2017

Does Chick Fil A pay more?

Hourly pay at Chick-Fil-A Inc ranges from an average of $8.07 to $17.46 an hour. Chick-Fil-A Inc employees with the job title Executive Director make the most with an average hourly rate of $18.10, while employees with the title Cashier make the least with an average hourly rate of $8.97.

How much do u get paid at Popeyes?

Average Popeye’s Restaurants hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.51 per hour for Packer to $14.68 per hour for Restaurant Manager. The average Popeye’s Restaurants salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Food Preparation Worker to $67,879 per year for Shift Leader.

Does Popeyes pay overtime?

No overtime pay. Don’t listen to their workers.

What do you wear to a Popeyes interview?

You should dress professionally. Literally anything except for a suit. Most of the time, you start your training then and there. Formal dress.

Who pays more McDonald’s or Burger King?

McDonald’s has 16,944 more total submitted salaries than Burger King.

Can you wear nails at Popeyes?

No you cannot wear fake nails at Popeyes.

What day do Popeyes employees get paid?

FridayThe 10th and the 26th of each month. Popeyes Gets Paid Every Friday.

What fast food chain pays the best?

Taco BellTaco Bell pays its managers the highest of all fast food chains. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo with more. When it comes to the highest-paid managers in the fast-food industry, Taco Bell leads the pack, according to data from Glassdoor which analyzed 10 major players in the fast-food industry.

Do you get paid for training at Popeyes?

Yes, you get paid when doing online training and when you’re on the floor.

Why is Popeyes so slow?

Popeyes lines are so slow because their new POS system is garbage. … Upgraded POS is faster; adding the step to stop fraud is what slows it down.

Is it hard working at Popeyes?

The customers at Popeyes can sometimes be hostile to employees. Anybody who has ever worked in fast food will tell you that it can be a very tiring job. Aside from the long hours and low pay, employees also have to deal with their fair share of rude customers.