Quick Answer: What Is Popeyes VooDoo Sauce?

What fast food restaurant has the best ranch?

Burger King RanchIn fact, I’d say Burger King Ranch is the best Ranch of the OG fast food spots, like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

The Buffalo is also quite good, with a smooth burn from the cayenne pepper sauce..

Are voodoo tenders spicy?

Adorned with chives and a spicy-sweet, chili flake-flecked Voodoo Sauce (that’s also available on the side), these things sure look bolder and brighter than the average unadorned piece of Popeyes chicken. …

Does Popeyes have fry sauce?

A creamy dipping sauce mixed with dill pickle relish, onion, parsley and a blend of Louisiana seasonings.

Does Popeyes have honey sauce?

I recently got to try Popeyes’ three new Signature Sauces along with a $3.99 Tenders combo meal courtesy of Popeyes (that’s one Tender per sauce!). The three new sauces are Bayou Buffalo, Sweet Heat, and Blackened Ranch. … Sweet Heat is a sweet honey dipping sauce with the added heat of hot sauce and peppers.

Is Popeyes Chicken Spicy?

Once called Chicken on the Run, what we know today as Popeyes was opened in 1972 by Alvin C. Copeland Sr., serving up spicy New Orleans-style spicy fried chicken. … Popeyes has never been more popular, and with lines out the door for their chicken sandwich, you know their food is good.

Does Popeyes have honey for biscuits?

If you ever go to Popeye’s and have the urge to put some honey on your biscuit, you might want to read the fine print on the honey packet before you do so. The ingredients are honey, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, natural flavor, fructose, and caramel sauce. …

Does Popeyes sell French fries?

Popeyes, also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is a fast food restaurant chain originally from Louisiana that mainly sells fried chicken….Popeyes Menu Prices.FoodSizePriceCajun FriesRegular$1.79Cajun FriesLarge$3.99Cajun RiceRegular$1.79Cajun RiceLarge$3.9977 more rows

What does Popeyes voodoo sauce taste like?

The sauce is said to be spicy-sweet, and resembles a Thai sweet chili sauce with a flavor that GrubGrade’s reviewer found to be somewhat pineapple-y and definitely more Asian than Cajun, which is no surprise as the third ingredient is pineapple puree, followed by red chili pepper (via OC Register).

What is Popeyes new sauce called?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, a division of AFC Enterprises Inc., today launched six Signature Sauces — Bayou Buffalo, Barbeque, Sweet Heat, Mardi Gras Mustard, Buttermilk Ranch, and Blackened Ranch — to complement its Handcrafted Tenders.

How much are Popeyes Voodoo tenders?

Popeyes’ latest special comes in the form of new Voodoo Tenders, which features the chain’s regular crispy chicken tenders sprinkled with dried chives and served with a sweet chili sauce. You can get three tenders, a side, and a biscuit for $5 at participating locations for a limited time.

Do you have to pay for sauce at Popeyes?

Like many other restaurants there are certain allotment per meal. However typically Popeyes does not charge extra for one additional sauce.

Whats the best sauce at Popeyes?

So let’s rank their sauces.Barbecue.Bayou Buffalo.Sweet Heat.Blackened Ranch.Cocktail.Tarter.Buttermilk Ranch.Mardi Gras Mustard.

What kind of dipping sauce does Popeyes have?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, a division of AFC Enterprises, Inc., has launched six Signature Sauces—Bayou Buffalo, Barbeque, Sweet Heat, Mardi Gras Mustard, Buttermilk Ranch, and Blackened Ranch—to complement its flavorful tenders that are freshly battered and breaded.

What is on Popeyes sandwich?

The sandwich is a crispy fried chicken breast, topped with pickles, slicked with your choice of mayo or spicy Cajun sauce, and nestled on a brioche bun.

What can you get at Popeyes?

I’ve eaten Popeye’s for the entire week, so I can definitively bring you the 11 best foods that Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen has to offer.$5 Bonafide Big Box. popeyeslouisianakitchen.Biscuits. … Bonafide Chicken – Spicy. … Spicy Tenders. … French Fries. … Red Beans and Rice. … Chicken Waffle Tenders. … Mashed Potatoes. … More items…•