Question: Who Is Panda From Dude Perfect?

Does Dude Perfect cuss?

The five guys who created Dude Perfect are all good buddies who together come up with fun adventures, trick shots of all kinds, and lots of laughs.

This is a clean, kid-friendly YouTube channel, with no swearing, no drinking, and no references to drugs or sex in any of the videos reviewed..

Who is Jeff Toney Dude Perfect?

Jeff Toney is the chief business officer behind the sports entertainment powerhouse, Dude Perfect, which is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube and the most subscribed to creator YouTube channel in the United States.

Can you go to Dude Perfect headquarters?

Just confirmed. No merch store, no tours.

What is a purple Hoser?

“The Purple Hoser” Garrett is the self-appointed “dad” of the group – he’s the one who manages the finances, is always cleaning, and at times is the voice of reason. He’s also the one always buying crazy toys for the office, so maybe he’s not the best voice of reason.

Who Is Dude Perfect’s wife?

Behind The Dudes of Dude Perfect: Meet Their Wives and ChildrenMeet Coby Cotton. Instagram / Coby Cotton. … Meet Coby’s Wife Aubrey Ellett. Instagram / Coby Cotton. … Meet Cory Cotton. Instagram / Cory Cotton. … Meet Cory’s Wife Amy Cotton. … Cory and Amy’s Twins Crew and Collins Cotton. … Meet Garrett Hilbert. … Meet Garrett’s Wife Kristin Hilbert. … Garrett and Kristin’s Son Owen Hilbert.More items…•

Who is the richest dude perfect member?

Tyler ToneyTyler Toney net worth Tyler is the head of the group; hence most of the video credits go to him. He has a total net worth of $4 Million at the age of 31 years old. Toney has been earning his money from YouTube since 2009 when he co-created a channel with the other members.

How many records Dude Perfect broke?

11World Record Edition is a video uploaded on May 16, 2016. DP members broke 11 world records of basketball. Their sponsor was Ruffles Potato Chips….World Record EditionPostedMay 16, 2016Views40,000,000+ (As of April 24, 2017)Likes600,000+ (As of April 24, 2017)TypeTrick Shots3 more rows

Why is Garrett called Purple Hoser?

The Purple Hoser, as he’s known to fans, was born in Texas on May 13, 1987. We’re guessing he’s called that since he gets really sunburned often? Anyway, his dad’s job moved him to California during his early childhood. “I actually claim that I brought ‘dude’ to Texas,” he says in their “About Us” video.

Who is the youngest person in Dude Perfect?

Lincoln James HilbertGarrett and Kristin have three beautiful children together. The oldest is Owen Hilbert, born on February 6, 2015, followed by Lincoln James Hilbert on August 15, 2016, and then youngest, and the only girl was born on April 12, 2018, by the name of Iris May Hilbert.