Question: What Business Can I Start With 5000 Ghana Cedis?

What is a good business to start in Ghana?

Start Cocoa Production Lastly, one of the most lucrative farming and exporting business that an aspiring can start in Ghana is to go into cocoa production or farming.

Cocoa is the chief agricultural export of Ghana and Ghana’s main cash crop..

How do I start a small business in Ghana?

How to Start a Business in GhanaDevelop a Business Plan from your ideas or goals.Get your Tax Identification Number (TIN) How to get a TIN: … Register your business at the Registrar General’s Department. … Open a Business Bank Account. … Apply for Business Operating Permit from the Metropolitan /Municipal / District Assembly. … Register for Social Security.

How can I make money fast in Ghana?

Here are some of the most common ways in which lots of people from Ghana could earn money online.Start A Blog. … YouTube. … Sell Your Own Stuff. … Use Existing Websites. … Freelance Writing. … Google AdSense. … Sponsored Posts. … Consulting.

Can you drink the water in Ghana?

Tap water in Accra, Ghana, is not safe for drinking, and some parts lack access to improved sanitation. You should only drink water that is boiled or treated. … Stick to drinking bottled water in Ghana and try to avoid the sachets of water sold on the street. Often contaminated water can found from the street.

What business can I do with 5000 cedis in Ghana?

With a budget range of 3000 cedis to 5000 Ghana cedis or more, you can start a standard barbering shop or beauty salon. Whether you have barbering and hairdressing skills or not you can still set up this business all you have to do is hire skilled barbers and hairdressers and you’re good to go.

How much do Uber drivers earn in Ghana?

Weekly & Yearly Pay for an Average Uber Driver in Accra Since drivers usually complete two full trips per hour, this adds up to an hourly earning total of 32.18 GHS. Since an average Uber driver works about 30 hours per week, the total per-week earnings are 965.40 GHS — making a year’s salary for a driver 50,200 GHS.

What business can I start with 50 cedis?

Our goal is to share ideas with you!Buy and sell domain names.Buy expired domain names and resell.Social media management.Setting social media profiles for others.Review products online.Write online articles.Become a Copywriter.Buy and Sell Phone Credit Cards.More items…•

What business can I start with 500 cedis in Ghana?

500 hundred cedis are enough for you to grab wholesale business opportunities in Ghana….1. Phone repairingCamera repair.Screen replacement.Water damage repair.Battery replacement.Motherboard repair.Home and power button replacement.Charging port replacement.Full diagnostic services.

What business can I start with 1000 Ghana Cedis?

5 Lucrative Business In Ghana To Start With 1000 Cedis In Ghana.Start Fashion Design Business With 1000 Cedis In Ghana. … Start Laundry Services Business In Ghana With 1000 Cedis. … Start Photography Business With 1000 Cedis In Ghana. … Start Barbing Saloon Business In Ghana With 1000 Cedis.More items…•

What is the most profitable business in Ghana?

10 Most Profitable Businesses in GhanaAlcohol & alcoholic beverages. … Toiletries. … Jewelry. … Construction materials. … Pharmaceuticals. … Beauty salons. … Herbal medicine. … Chop bar. The last (but not least) on our list of the 10 most profitable businesses in Ghana is the chop bars.More items…

What do Ghanaians buy most?

Now you know what Ghanaians are spending on, as far as retail consumer goods are concerned; Rice, frozen fish/chicken, edible oil, sugar, confectionaries, canned products, Alcoholic, carbonated, malted and energy drinks, Ceramics, worn clothing, footwear, toiletries, diapers, human hair, glass (polished, engraved).

What sells fast in Ghana?

Top 10 Fast-moving Items to Sell Online in Ghana – 2020Electronics. This is one of the top demand products to sell online in Ghana. … Phones and Accessories. Phones and accessories sales are fast-moving products in Ghana. … Laptops and Gadgets. … Fashion. … Health and Beauty. … Baby Products. … Gaming. … Home and Office Equipment.More items…•

What business makes the most money?

These are the most profitable companies in the world.Apple Inc. ( AAPL) … Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) > Earnings from continued operations: $33.6 billion. … Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. … Berkshire Hathaway Inc. ( BRK.A) … Chevron Corporation (CVX) > Earnings from continued operations: $19.3 billion.

What jobs are in demand in Ghana?

The 7 highest paying jobs in GhanaFuel Handler. There aren’t many vacancies in this position. … Transportation/Shipping Supervisor. This is one of the many office jobs in Ghana that has seen an incredible rise in employment in the last decade. … Account Manager. … Project Manager. … English Professor. … Operations Manager. … Business Analyst.

Is Ghana a good place to do business?

Ghana has made progress in the ease of doing business, according to the World Bank Group 2019 Doing Business Report. The country improved its ranking to 114 out of 190 countries, up six places from 120 in the 2018 Doing Business Report.