Is Selling Recharge Card Profitable?

Is VTU business profitable?

Is the VTU business really profitable.

Well, according to research, Nigeria has over 184 million active mobile lines as of December 2019.

The average mobile phone user spends about N2000 on airtime monthly.

This business is on high demand in Nigeria and Virtual Top-up makes recharging and paying bills very seamless..

What is a recharge PIN?

A rechargeable calling card is a type of telephone card that the user can “recharge” or “top up” by adding money when the balance gets below a nominated amount. In reality the rechargeable calling card is a specialised form of a prepaid or debit account.

How do you make airtime?

Signing UpFirst things first: download Airtime from the App Store or Google Play.Open the app and tap “Get Started.”Select your country and enter your phone number. … Tap “Send Code” to receive our four-digit verification code via SMS.Enter the code in the app within five minutes.

What is the meaning of VTU?

Virtual Top-UpVirtual Top-Up (VTU) is a secure vending Platform which effectively managed the distribution of Prepaid products through a wide range of channels. Mobile. SIM Card Applications.

How do you recharge mental energy?

Here are some things you can do to soothe and energize your mind:Make a list of your accomplishments. … Let go of past mistakes. … Do something fun. … Take breaks from things and people that bring you down. … Spend time with close friends and family. … Meditate or pray. … Avoid multitasking. … Take a break from technology.More items…•

What is the meaning of PV in recharge and get paid?

POINT VALUEPV means POINT VALUE This will continue to be your PV, irrespective of how much recharge you carry out via your wallet, except 2 things happen: (1) IF YOU UPGRADE – anytime you upgrade your package, you will be awarded the equivalent of the PV of your current package.

Who is the CEO of recharge and get paid?


Is there gain in recharge card business?

Each customer buys more than N5,000 daily while some buys as much as N50,000. Therefore, N100,000 cards will earn you N5x1000 = N5,000 per day which is a good gain! Hence, the gain in recharge card business starts from wholesales of N100,000.

How do I start a recharge card business?

To start your recharge card printing business, you will have to:Use a laptop or computer with good internet connection or attend the internet café.Contact the mega-dealer who will send you software.Download their software and install on your laptop.More items…•

How do you know if a recharge card has been used?

Dial 121 on your phone. Wait for the call to connect by pressing some numbers which can grant you to speak with agent. If the customer care agent has received your call, then tell him that you want him or her to let you know the number that used your recharge card.

How can I sell airtime on Vtu?

To do this,Log on to on your mobile device.Register with the site using your email or phone number.You automatically get a wallet which you can credit at anytime.Sell and dispense airtime to customers through your VTpass wallet.Also, sell data to customers in the same way the VTU works.More items…•

How do I become an MTN VTU agent?

How to Join MTN VTU Trade partners in NigeriaYou need to have a registered business name.You need to have a valid means of identification.You need to have a business bank account.Letter of application with a proposal stating how you intend to market MTN products.

How can I start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria?

STEPS TO STARTING THE BUSINESS.Get your computer connected to the Internet or simply use a cyber café.Register with a company (I will give you this later).Download their software and install it on your computer.Order for recharge PINs through their website and pay the required amount into their bank account.More items…•

How much can I make from recharge card printing business?

Recharge Card Wholesalers Average profit they make per day is between N5,000 to N15,000. Reasonable start up capital for wholesale is from N100,000. This way, your profit will be appreciable. If you are good in business and have N100,000 I’d recommend you start with wholesale level.

How do you load airtime into serial numbers?

To load or recharge your airtel airtime or card using serial number dial; *126*Airtel 16 Digits Pin#. For example if the number on the airtel recharge card is 2222 4444 6666 8888, then to load the recharge card dial; *126*2222 4444 6666 8888# and press send/ok.

How can I make money from the Internet?

How To Make Money Online – 21 Ideas To Help You Start Earning More MoneyTake surveys online. … Become a freelancer. … Invest with a robo-advisor. … Invest in real estate. … Invest with a broker. … Become a virtual assistant. … Sell or rent your belongings. … Get a cash back credit card.More items…

How do Vtu business make money?

To start, you need to register with a VTU vendor. VTU vendors are the ones who do the stocking piling of recharge cards, cable subscriptions and the rest while you refer or place orders for customers using their services and you get paid a commission for that basic work.

How does pay and recharge work?

When you register as a member of RECHARGE AND GET PAID LTD, you are given back 20% of your registration package. Whenever you recharge your phone with airtime in Recharge and Get Paid, you are given back 2% of your airtime worth. Whenever you buy DATA in Recharge and Get Paid, you are given back 10% of your DATA worth.

How do I know my recharged number?

It’s simple. Call 111 and ask the person on the other side to check the last recharge details and if you your deductions/recharges fishy than you may ask for the details and he’ll give it to you.

What can I do online business?

16 online business ideas you can start with a laptopStart your own clothing line.Launch a dropshipping store.Sell your art online.Become a freelance writer, designer or developer.Teach an online course.Flip your thrift store finds.Publish your own book.Start a blog.More items…•

How can I succeed in recharge and get paid?

HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM RECHARGE AND GET PAIDNon Referral biz.++ Immediately u register you earn 20% of your registration money.++ You earn 2% of all recharges u do either on your line or other people’s line.++ You earn 10% on all data purchases either on your line or other people’s lines.More items…